Financial reporting questions:

Where can I find Maxar’s annual and quarterly reports?

Annual and quarterly reports are available for download in PDF format from the Financial Information page.

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When does the fiscal year end?

Maxar’s fiscal year ends on December 31.

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Who are the auditors for Maxar?

1225 17th Street, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80202-5598

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Common share and shareholder account questions:

Where are Maxar shares traded and what is the company ticker symbol?

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the trading symbol: MAXR

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Can I buy stock directly from Maxar?

MAXAR shares may be purchased through a security broker. The Company does not offer a direct purchase program.

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What is Maxar’s current dividend rate?

MAXAR’s quarterly dividend rate is $0.01 per common share. See the Dividends page for historical dividend information.

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Who is the transfer agent and registrar for Maxar?

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
Telephone inquiries
+1 (800) 736-3001 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
+1 (781) 575-3100 (non-US)

Written requests
By regular mail:
PO Box 505000
Louisville KY 40233-5000

By overnight delivery:
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville KY 40202

Investor Center
You can also manage your account online via Investor Center, Computershare Web-based tool for shareholders. Here you can view your account details, update your account information and process various transactions. Registration is quick and easy. You can access Investor Center at  For security purposes, stockholders that are corporations or certain Trusts will be limited to view-only access on Investor Center.

E-mail inquiries:   

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How do I submit a request to change my address and other information?

Please contact Maxar's transfer agent (see above).

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How do I receive Maxar U.S. Shares in exchange for my Maxar Canada Shares?

The exchange of your shares depends on whether you are a beneficial or registered shareholder. You are a beneficial shareholder if your Maxar shares are held in a nominee’s name such as a bank, trust company, securities broker or other nominee. You are a registered Maxar Canada Shareholder if your name appears on your share certificate or your Direct Registration (DRS) confirmation. If you are a beneficial owner of shares of Maxar, please contact your broker regarding any questions related to the exchange of shares. If you are a registered owner of shares of Maxar, you must complete the letter of transmittal and return it to Computershare, Maxar’s transfer agent. You can contact Computershare with any questions as follows: (i) by telephone at 1-800-564-6253 (toll-free in North America) or 1-514-092-7555 (collect outside of North America); (ii) by fax at 1-866-249-7775 (toll-free in North America) or 416-263-9524 (collect outside of North America); (iii) by mail at 100 University Ave, 8th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Y2; or (iv) by email at

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